मराठी मंडळ दक्षिण आफ्रिका

About Us

About मराठी मंडळ दक्षिण आफ्रिका

    Marathi Mandal South Africa is a non profit organization, aimed at promoting social, cultural, recreational and welfare activities for Marathi speaking people in South Africa. It endeavours to promote and maintain Marathi culture by celebrating various Marathi occasions, festivals and encouraging other communities to help, participate and collaborate.Marathi Mandal serves as a platform for our new generation. As we live away from India, we want to show our children what being Indian, and in particular Marathi is all about.


    Is to preserve and promote our Indian-Marathi values and traditions through social, cultural, recreational and welfare activities for Marathi speaking people irrespective of state.


    1. Plan various successful cultural events for the community
    2. Encourage young community members to come forward for such a initiative
    3. Encourage community members to participate in such events
    4. Encourage and provide platform for the new entrepreneurs/ Small and Medium business.
    5. Encourage sponsorship
    6. Encourage new ideas, new events etc… and if feasible plan and include in the yearly event schedule.
    7. Encourage members to involve kids in different traditional programs/ functions or sports etc…
    8. Improve communication with members by responding to quires and providing feedback to and from members.
    9. Appreciate and recognise achievements within the members and their families.
    10. To try and get the recognition and benefits for all the members from Government, pvt businesses etc.
    11. Provide all the possible support the community members.

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